Devoted To Reading

I’m devoted to reading.

After all, God revealed Himself in a Book.

Making reading a mandatory part of every Christ follower’s life.

And my chief devotion is to Him.

Which means I am also devoted to encouraging others to read.

Namely the Bible, thereafter, edifying books.

Reading is an opportunity to have our perspectives and presuppositions challenged from every angle.

Literature can provide a deep understanding of the human condition.

The ancient Greeks held strongly to the belief that literature was essential to fostering our well-being. It is said that they would post a sign above their library doors describing it as a ‘healing place for the soul’.

And I concur.

Reading well;

Helps us to think critically and solve problems.

Provides us with a vocabulary to help define and understand our own thoughts and views.

Allows us to understand we aren’t alone.

Portrays relational skills.

Is instructive.

Provides insight.

Is restorative.


Nurtures a love of learning.

Is wisest of counselors.

Is convicting.

Is our confidant and companion.

Is comforting.

Is transformative.

Is edifying.

This requires us to be shrewd in what we consume. So we must be selective. Measuring all literature against the touchstone of Scripture.

As Augustine said, ‘Tolle Lege’…’take up and read’ from the account of his conversion to Christ in his autobiography, Confessions.

So let’s read to the glory of God!

Legere libros ad gloriam Dei!