Consider Your Counsel: Addressing Ten Mistakes In Our Biblical Counseling by Bob Kelleman: A Book Review

“We are wise to regularly self-assess and have others speak into our practice of Biblical Counseling.”

Dr. Kelleman draws on his three decades of counseling experience, specifically from his observations of supervising students.

Consider Your Counsel breaks down ten common mistakes that counselors tend to make regardless of experience. 

“My heart behind sharing these ten observations is to encourage all of us to continue to deepen and develop as Biblical Counselors.”

Each of the ten mistakes is identified and then Dr. Kelleman provides Biblically informed and practical corrections. 

Mistake #3 – We Talk at Counselees Rather Than Exploring Scripture with Counselees.

In this section, Dr. Kelleman’s example of exploring Scripture with your counselee using the life of Tamar was profitable in itself.  It accentuates our need to be collaborative with those we hope to help. 

“Biblical Counseling is discipleship – we equip counselee’s in how to turn to God and God’s Word for wisdom for life in their broken world.  Through collaborative Biblical Counseling where we explore Scripture with our counselees, we enlighten them to experience how richly relevant God’s Word is for all of life.”

Mistake #8: We Minimize the Complexity of the Body-Soul Interconnection

In this section, Dr. Kelleman dives into the body-soul connection, our emotions and the controversial topic of psychotropic medications.  It’s appreciated that he suggested counselors read a wide range of convictions and conclusions on the latter.  

“…writers who provide a diversity of Biblical Counseling perspectives.”

The information is concise, expositing Scripture and the questions for self-evaluation at the end of each chapter makes this book accessible for individual or group study. 

Consider Your Counsel equips us to examine our counseling, address areas of weaknesses, and provides Biblical and practical solutions to bring growth for ourselves that overflows to our counselees.

Both novice and veteran Biblical counselors will be edified by the insights and gentle exhortations as we consider our counsel for the glory of God.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about humility.  The Word is sufficient.  We are incompetent in ourselves.  Any competency in our counsel comes from Christ…And even the most competent Biblical Counselor must depend on the comprehensive resources of the body of Christ.  This well-rounded, Christ-dependent approach to ministry will keep our ministry focused on Jesus, the true source of all wisdom and knowledge.”

Disclosure: This book was provided by New Growth Press in exchange for my review.

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