Graciousness: Tempering Truth With Love by John Crotts: A Book Review

Graciousness: Tempering Truth With Love by John Crotts

This is a timely book. That’s not to say Christians don’t need to be regularly reminded of the exhortations in Scripture when it comes to our tongues but the current communication trends are often caustic or downright venomous and that includes those who profess to be Christ followers.

“Graciousness is the right medicine for all kind of maladies of the heart.”

Dr. Crotts emphasizes that as Christ followers we are to emulate Christ in all aspects of life which will make us noticeably different from the world, especially in the way we communicate.

“Christian communication must never be self-motivated but marked by graciously building up other people based on their needs.”

Graciousness gives us several examples of how every instance of communication needs to be discerned in that moment of what is needed; which requires wisdom and prudence. Maybe the communication requires truth to strengthen, or truth to restore and even perhaps, truth to confront and rebuke. Whatever the case may be, our communication is to seek the welfare of its hearers.

“Sometimes clear corrective words must be used, and even rebukes. But the motivation for strong speech should not be to win an argument, to be critical of others in order to elevate oneself, or even to seek revenge on someone who takes a different view. The motive of God’s people speaking graciously is love, based on the love that God has shown to His people through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

I found the most edifying chapters to be the ones on cultivating. Dr. Crotts provides comprehensive yet succinct, practical, and Biblical application of what it looks like to cultivate graciousness in our lives and he starts with the heart.

And we ought to too.

“A mind filled with God is the most powerful force for change within a believer’s heart. When you apprehend the true character of God, your perspective on life changes dramatically.”

Graciousness is convicting as well as motivating. A worthy volume to possess as a reference to refer to time and again.

Disclosure: This book was provided by Reformation Heritage Books and Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my review.

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