Pray About Everything: Cultivating God Dependency by Paul Tautges: A Book Review

Pray About Everything: Cultivating God Dependency by Paul Tautges

“A life of prayer is irrefutable proof of God-dependency.”

So much has been written on the subject of prayer it might be difficult to think another work is necessary. As Pastor Tautges says, “Scripture has more to say about prayer than we can ever hope to master in one lifetime.”

What makes this volume unique is that it is more so a handbook, providing succinct instruction for leader and layman alike.

Pray About Everything attests to the necessity of every Christ follower to cultivate an unceasing prayer life.

“In short, our churches need a biblical theology of prayer – a God-centered way of thinking as it relates to speaking to our creator and our Redeemer. This will only develop when we commit ourselves to the faithful teaching of all that God has revealed in his Word concerning prayer.”

The book is separated into Part 1 and Part 2. In Part 1, Pastor Tautges unfolds how prayer was the lifeblood of the New Testament church and that it ought to be for us as well.

“…the early church’s life of prayer demonstrates that we cannot survive without prayer. Devotion to prayer turns common people into uncommon servants of God.”

Part 2 delves into seven brief examples for prayer meetings which include: Praying In Jesus’ Name, Praying For Unbelievers, Praying For Government Leaders, Praying With A Forgiving Heart, Calling For Your Elders, How Husbands Get Their Prayers Answered and When The Holy Spirit Prays.

“In our ignorance, or even in our fleshly determination to see our own will be done, we often fail to pray according to God’s perfect will. We may pray with our mouth, “Thy will be done,” but mean in our hearts, “My will be done.” The Holy Spirit does not possess that same inconsistency. He always intercedes according to the will of God.”

The appendices are an asset in specifying practical application of facilitating both individual and corporate prayer among the Church.

The late Jerry Bridges summed it up well when he said, “This is a book that will prove valuable to every member of a congregation. All of us need encouragement and instruction in the discipline of prayer, and this book will help us to that end.”

Disclosure: This book was provided by Shepherd Press and Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my review.

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