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6fda7b264bd7706e9e7a016651e449c3Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of being able to contribute to the website of Steve Deace. The following is a compilation of those writings in no particular order other than by topic for easy access and situated in one location.

I’m forever grateful for the whole crew at – Steve, his wife Amy, co-host & producer Rebekah and former co-host Jenn. They provided a rare opportunity and their generosity has not gone unnoticed.

Be sure to catch their show if you haven’t already!

Child Safety

How To Spot Human Trafficking

Teach Your Children Not To Be Polite


By The Rivers Of Babylon

The Phantom Of Self Help


God & Government Schools

Salt & Light: Education And The Great Commission

Exploitation Of Children

Political Pawns: The State’s “Compassion’ For UAC

71 “Upstanding Citizens” arrested for Child Porn


Limitations Of Earthly Authorities

Human Trafficking Series:

21st Century Slavery
21st Century Slavery: Precious Cargo
A Tangled Web
Hidden In Plain Sight
She Has A Name
A Driving Force
Forced Labor
Don’t Go Quietly
Amazing Grace

Prison Ministry

Please Mister, Accept My Apology


The Religion Of Atheism

Sanctity Of Life

Do Evil That Good May Come?

Do Rapist Have Parental Rights In Your State?

The Real Front Line



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