Discovering Delight: 31 Meditations On Loving God’s Law: A Book Review

512qljIuhpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Discovering Delight: 31 Meditations On Loving God’s Law by Glenda Mathes

In today’s culture mentioning God’s law is often met with raised eyebrows or swift accusations of being a legalist.

But King David said, “Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.”

In Discovering Delight, Glenda deftly illustrates how our own delight will be found in meditating on God’s law just as King David proclaimed.

“Hold on to God’s Word. Lift that lamp before you and let it illuminate your way. Keep walking on the right path. Delight in the light!”

As a devotional there are thirty one meditations. Each meditation begins with a Scripture reading and an individual Scripture passage. Each meditation ends with a section of questions for reflection.

The majority of the focus is developed around Psalm 119; though other Psalms and Scriptures are employed. Sections of Reformed Confessions and authors quotes are integrated throughout as well.

“Psalm 119 is the epitome of acrostic poetry. Each of its twenty-two stanzas highlights a consecutive letter, and that letter also begins all eight verses of the section. This complex construction forms the trellis on which the vine of heartfelt prayer climbs and blooms with delight in God and His Word.”

Each meditation leaves a distinct impression of the insight and wisdom Glenda possesses through her counsel from the Scriptures she provides to her readers. In other words, she speaks as a woman who has mined the Scriptures in times of trial or suffering to find instruction and comfort.

“Do you ever feel that you don’t belong? Maybe you lack a close-knit family or tight group of friends. Maybe everyone at church seems to move in their own circles. But if you believe in Jesus Christ, you’re part of a wonderful community. The Spirit assures believers that they are children of God and co-heirs with Christ.”

She has sought her Lord and found Him faithful. And she is exhorting others to do the same.

“When you feel your spirit shriveling in the smoke of your fiery trials, read God’s life-giving law and delight in it. Turn your eyes to Christ, the living Word.”

Three of the daily meditations I treasured specifically were Day 9 – Melting Soul; Day 13 – Living Comfort; and Day 17 – Endless Perfection.

Discovering Delight: 31 Meditations On Loving God’s Law is a devotional I recommend for those who desire to deepen their love and delight of the Lord, His Law and His Word.

“The subject of loving God’s law attracted me because I needed to know what the Bible says about delight. It is a lesson I still study. As with so many things, the more I learn, the more I see how much I have yet to learn.”

Disclosure: This book was provided by Reformation Heritage Books and Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my review.

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You can also visit Glenda at her blog: ASCRIBELOG


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