SCR105-G-02Our life has been a tapestry
Beginning twenty years ago

“I do” was our first stitch
And our covenant we would sew,

With the Weaver guiding each thread
Into the fabric of our story

We only see the backside
While He sees the final work in glory,

With each stroke of the needle
Our story has been told

A cacophony of color
That only Providence can unfold,

A patchwork of threads
Some tattered, tangled and frayed

Others knotted, broken and in need of mending
Woven to our knees, we prayed,

The Designer has been gracious
With rich hues of joy, love and growth

Deep textures of comfort, beauty and wisdom
Endearing His goodness to us both,

Someday we’ll see His finished work
And every pattern in clear view

Until that time, my greatest friend
I’ll weave this path with you,

The old saying goes, ‘I loved you then
I love you still

I always have
I always will’,

Evermore than that, if God calls me home
Before your time is through

I need you to know that if He allows
I will watch for you,

Because whether here on earth
Or the Heavens to come

Our souls are knit together
And we, my Beloved, will never be undone.

“This is my beloved, this is my friend…” Song of Solomon 5:16


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