The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling To Men: A Book Review

masculine-mandate-coverThe Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling To Men by Richard D. Phillips

“When it comes to practically every question about God’s intentions for men and women, the answer is almost always the same: go back to the garden.”

As the mother of sons it is vastly evident that we live in a society hostile to gender roles created by God. Yet, rebelling against God and His design has proven tumultuous and even catastrophic, whether in society at large or in individual families.

In The Masculine Mandate, author Richard Phillips walks men on a thorough journey through the Bible beginning in the Garden on what the Bible instructs, exhorts and commands when it comes to the male role.

“Our calling in life really is this simple (although not therefore easy): We are to devote ourselves to working/building and keeping/protecting everything placed into our charge.” ~ Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips offers examples from Scripture that will inspire men, young and old, as well as precepts for guidance in real life application.

“To be a man is to stand up and be counted when there is danger or other evil. God does not desire for men to stand by idly and allow harm, or permit wickedness to exert itself. Rather, we are called to keep others safe within all the covenant relationships we enter.” ~ Richard Phillips

Three chapters are devoted to gleaning the depths of what a man’s calling is in marriage with vital insight for men today.

“Just as God’s gift of His Son was a costly gift, God intends for a man’s love to his wife to be costly. Simply put, it is not easy for man to love his wife, and God does not intend it to be easy. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be valuable.” ~ Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips offers navigation for single men with the reassurance that their marital status does not diminish their mandate.

He also provides an admonishment to what he believes has been errant teachings infiltrating the church in this area.

“At this point, I have the unpleasant duty of correcting some erroneous teaching that has gained prominence in recent years. Since its publication in 2001, the top Christian book on manhood has been John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart.” ~ Richard Phillips

Two chapters are dedicated to a man’s role within the life of his children by demonstrating the profound impact, responsibility and joy of being a father.

“A godly father works these things into the soil of his child’s heart as he shares his own heart,
listens to and molds the child’s heart, and waters these tender plants with faith and love.” ~ Richard Phillips

The second to last chapter discusses male friendship by expounding on the Biblical friendship of David and Jonathan.

“One mark of a true godly man is his faithfulness in friendship to other men, especially to Christian brothers.” ~ Richard Phillips

The final chapter examines the role of male leadership and service within the Church.

Richard Phillips builds upon the foundation of Scripture by presenting personal stories that enrich and personalize his powerful work displayed in this book.

“ The contest of our lives is that of godliness, and the field in which we first plow and plant is our own character and heart, through devotion to the Word of God, prayer, and a sincere application of God’s grace to the affairs of our lives.” ~ Richard Phillips

The language is precise. The understanding is clear. The mandate is upheld by the Word of God. I recommend The Masculine Mandate for all men and for those who love them.

Disclosure: This book was provided by Reformation Trust and Ligonier Ministries in exchange for my review.

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