Living Beyond The Heart of Betrayal: Biblically Addressing the Pain of Sexual Sin: A Book Review

Living_Beyond_the_Heart_of_Betrayal_Cover_82_125_100Living Beyond The Heart of Betrayal: Biblically Addressing the Pain of Sexual Sin by Julie Ganschow

“The material you will find here is realistic. It comes from years of counseling women and couples through the tragic results of sexual immorality, including adultery.” ~ Julie Ganschow

Biblical Counselor, Julie Ganschow writes with compassion and wisdom as she walks readers through many areas that need to be considered when addressing sexual immorality.

“Unless you live in a cave, there are corruptions of sexuality that you and I as Christians are going to have to face. We live in a highly sexualized culture where women are often treated as objects of sexual gratification and children are sold for sexual pleasure.” ~Julie Ganschow

Sex is a gift of God that has been denigrated and defiled by sin and Man. Julie offers solutions to working through these areas whether it is pornography, adultery or lust by leading the reader back to the Bible and addressing these issues at the heart level of both men and women.

“There is no doubt that our thoughts direct the course of our lives. We base our actions on what we think in the moment and over longer periods of time. The thought life is on display in the life of a person who has been involved in sexual immorality…their thoughts have led to actions that reveal what lurks in the darkness of their heart. Their actions bear testimony to the contents of their heart.” ~ Julie Ganschow

Julie exhorts readers to guard their lives and relationships against sexual immorality and provides Biblical steps to take if your life is turned upside down with the news of betrayal.

“I strongly urge you to begin to study about the sovereignty of God to gain wisdom and understanding of the plan of God for your life going forward.” ~ Julie Ganschow

Readers are given an in-depth Biblical understanding of forgiveness, suffering and repentance.

“You have to understand that your position before God is exactly level with that of the worst sexual sinner, because the ground is level at the foot of the cross. There is nothing exceptional about you or any non-sexual-sin sinner; this is because we are all sinners and all in need of God’s grace and mercy. “ ~ Julie Ganschow

Julie offers words of caution to the one who’s been betrayed.

“The challenge in any of these situations is to move beyond the thinking of the victim mentality, cease being the offender, and go forward in a restored relationship.” ~ Julie Ganschow

Living Beyond The Heart of Betrayal: Biblically Addressing the Pain of Sexual Sin is chock-full of Biblical guidance dispensing individuals and marriages with hope.

I recommend this book especially to pastors and counselors as a resource you’ll want to have readily available on your book shelf.

“No matter what sexual sin your spouse has committed, when you learned of it your life was changed. Your world tilted off of its axis and you realized nothing would ever be the same again. This is true, nothing will be the same. But it can be better. Sexual sin does not have to ruin your life or your marriage. It does not define who you are. This book offers the help and healing our Lord offers in understanding and overcoming the pain of a spouse’s sexual sin. You will find the God who heals.” ~ Julie Ganschow

Purchase Living Beyond The Heart of Betrayal: Biblically Addressing the Pain of Sexual Sin by Julie Ganschow

Chosen as one of the 20 Most Important counseling books by Dr. Bob Kelleman of RPM Ministries.

Julie blogs at Biblical Counseling for Women.

Julie teaches, trains and counsels at Reigning Grace Counseling Center.


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