Fields of the Fatherless: A Book Review

9781938499920Fields of the Fatherless: A New Historical Novel by Elaine Marie Cooper

“Am I really so concerned just walking down the road? Do I need someone to watch out for me? What has happened to our lives?” ~ Betsy Russell

Delving into our yesteryear it’s not uncommon to unearth the rich stories of history that often never reach past the family gathering around the dinner table. When the opportunity comes to dig deeper and give a voice to those lives of days gone by, we realize they are far more intricately connected to the present than ever thought possible. Such is the occasion of the Jason Russell House that Elaine Marie Cooper walked by as a young girl with her brother on their way to school in Arlington, Massachusetts.

“Always a man of Christian principles, he did not allow his passion for liberty to color his responsibilities to his faith.” ~ Betsy Russell speaking of her father, Jason Russell

Fields of the Fatherless is based on true events surrounding the Jason Russell Family beginning on April 19th, 1775 in Menotomy Village, Massachusetts. It would be one of the most brutal and bloodiest massacres of both American and British soldiers of the day.

“There, at present, appears no other choice left us but either sit down tamely and surrender our lives and properties, our wives and children, our religion and consciences to the arbitrary will of others, or, trusting in God, to stand up in our own defense.” ~ Reverend Cooke

It is a story of chaos, dread and gore. The kind that assaults all of our senses and leaves us reeling with angst should we ever face the same wickedness that human depravity unveils. It bores, uninvited, into the depth of our core being, our Spirit. This is where the greatest battle befalls. The fear, the bitterness and the images entrenched within memories that can’t be willed away no matter how great the desire.

“T’would not have mattered, if I had died doing the right thing.” She paused. “If I did not do the right thing, it would mean something inside my soul had died. Nothing is worth that. Not even my life.” ~ Betsy Russell

Yet, in all of the horror, it is also a story of life, the forgiveness of even our enemies and of God’s mercy to heal. It is a story of honor and of hope.

“You are your father’s daughter…No one had ever said that to her before: ‘Your father’s daughter’. It filled her with hope – hope that she could do the right thing. The necessary thing. The brave thing. Even if it meant looking into the face of death.” ~ Betsy Russell

Written with the language representative of that era, Fields of the Fatherless, is an engaging story of time gone by that reverberates within the times we live presently.

“Aye, sir. My father did not allow his passion for freedom to interfere with his obedience to God. He used to tell me, ‘Betsy, ’tis imperative to forgive. ’Tis the Lord’s command’.” She drew in a ragged breath and tears welled in her eyes. “I pray I can always honor my father’s wishes, as well as the desires of my Heavenly Father.” ~ Betsy Russell

Fields of the Fatherless is available for pre-order and will be released on October 22nd, 2013:

For further information about author Elaine Marie Cooper and Fields of the Fatherless please visit:


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