903365_10201026507050754_444129728_oMy great, great granddad, John P. Sjolander was named the Poet Laureate of Texas during his lifetime (1851–1939). One of his poems was called, THE BLUEBONNET. It appeared in school readers.  He was also known as the ‘Sage of Cedar Bayou’ and ‘Dean of Texas Poets’.

(All photos credit of author and photographer, Kathy Herman)


It blooms upon our prairies wide,

And smiles within our valleys;
A Texas flower, and Texas pride,

Around it honor rallies;
And every heart beneath the blue

Transparent sky above it,
In Texas-wise, forever true,


Shall fold, and hold, and love it.

The winds that softly round it blow,

Breathe out in song and story,
The fame of bloody Alamo,

And San Jacinto’s glory;
And everywhere beneath the sky,

That loving bends o’er it
With glowing heart and kindling eye,

All Texans true adore it.

It blossoms free in homes and fields,

Made by love’s labor royal;
To Fleur-de-lis or Rose none yields

Allegiance more loyal!
And to the world its fame shall go,

And tell the Lone Star’s splendor
Of hearths and homes that gleam and glow-

Of loving hearts and tender.

‘Tis Texan in its beauty rare,

To honest hearts appealing;
And can there be a fame more fair,

Or deeper depth of feeling?


Texas State Historical Association


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