With Christ in the Voting Booth: Casting Down Imaginations Before Casting Your Vote: A Book Review

David Shedlock With Christ in the Voting Booth: Casting Down Imaginations Before Casting Your Vote by David J. Shedlock

“Knowing who to vote for doesn’t always come easy for the Christian. No unambiguous voice from heaven whispers: “This is my candidate, vote for him.”” ~ David Shedlock

During the 2012 election a person would be hard pressed to avoid the tumultuous and often murky spectacle that is our politicized country.  You couldn’t turn on a television, a radio, surf social media, get your mail, answer the phone or drive down the street without being bombarded with political propaganda touted as truth.

“To deny the relationship between religious views and politics is to deny the obvious. Religion is an expression of what we believe to be most important. We get our morals from our religious views. It is natural that politics flows from our worldview, which comes from our views of God, the source of morality, our definitions of justice, even the role of God in raising up and tearing down kings.” ~ David Shedlock

With Christ in the Voting Booth clears away the murkiness of not only the political realm but in the day-to-day lives of Christians. This is not your typical ‘get out and vote for so and so’ book.

“In other words, man must begin with unproven assumptions. The Christian begins with God. He believes that God has revealed Himself not only in nature, but in His Son, Jesus, and in the written Word.” ~ David Shedlock

With Christ in the Voting Booth offers Christians the guidance from a Biblical view to navigate our duty to be in this world but not of it. David Shedlock doesn’t simply lament of what ails us as Christians in a dying world but offers the sound counsel of step by step application with unwavering conviction.

“Your duty as a Christian in the Voting Booth is the same as it is everywhere: Do all to the Glory of God, Keep His Commandments. Pray without ceasing. Love Christ more than anything else in this world, and Trust God, rather than men.” ~ David Shedlock

David Shedlock confronts the issues we face with insight and fervent dedication to godly responses. Whether it is abortion, separation of church and state, the size of government, the need to squarely place accountability at the doorstep of the Church, tethering names with their erroneous works, civil disobedience, dismantling fallacies, the flaw of Christians making politics the main thing (patriolatry) or the labyrinth of compromise, David Sheldock consistently draws the believer back to the Word of God with ease and wit as the final authority on such matters.

“Vote as if Christ were with you in the voting booth – because He is.” ~ David Shedlock

Long after the commercials cease, the phone stops ringing, the committees have dispersed and the elements have deteriorated the yard signs, we have Hope. The only Hope that is everlasting.

With Christ in the Voting Booth is not simply for a season. Rather, it is a timeless work that will guide people for years to come.

“Thankfully God has given us His Word, “the ultimate voter’s guide.” Using the Bible, With Christ in the Voting Booth, provides tools to resist Government Too Small and Government Too Big, while embracing Government Just Right, not based upon false promises and “Christian” utopian fantasies, but rather the most important political success story of all: The Voter and Governor Who Please God.” ~ David Shedlock

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David Shedlock suffered a stroke on December 14th, 2012: Update and Request

Biblical Standards for Choosing Civil Magistrates


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