A man of quiet strength
Like the depth of the sea,
A soldier in the Lord’s army
Who fights on bended knee
A protector and comforter
Of what’s closest to his heart
A man of honor and integrity
That sets him profoundly apart
The leader of his family
Who guides with wisdom, love, and grace
He gives thanks for each of his blessings
And stares challenges in the face
He is relentless in his commitment
To ensure that he provides
All that is necessary
For his children and his bride
He renders security and refuge
In a world that has gone astray
He anchors us to the foundation we rely upon
Each and every day
He is the father our sons are honored to call, “Dad”
Dedicated to following the Father he now knows
For this man himself, a child of God
Because he is one that his Father chose
A warrior devoted to his beliefs
Rescued in the Truth of the Word
Humble and eternally grateful
To be a part of The shepherd’s herd
A man of gentle determination
Never to give up
Who drinks in his faith daily
From the Lord’s bottomless cup
He knows when to be tough
And when to be tender
He knows when to battle
And when to surrender
His journey’s just beginning
I’m blessed to join the walk
He is my everyday Valentine,
My velvet covered rock.


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