My son, Ethan, has agreed to be my guest blogger and the following post is his.

I looked down at my sword, the crimson liquid filling the grooves and scratches left from previous battles, as it rhythmically dripped from the tip of the blade.

I calmly looked back up, nourishing my senses with all that was around me.

My former friend lay before me, gripping his chest in agony.  He took one last, laborious breath, and his chest did not rise again.

I let a tear roll down my cheek, even though I knew it had to be done.

Thunder bellowed in the distance behind me, it seemed to roll longer than usual.

I stood still as a firm wind pushed through the air around me, bending the tall grass of the field like waves in the sea.

As I turned around I smelled the freshness of coming rain. The sky in the horizon was a grayish-purple.  Again, I let myself take in the world around me, for I had just made the most important decision of my life, and did not want to forget.

I knelt down on one knee and wiped the blood from my sword onto the grass, and then placed it into my sheath.

I stood back up and walked to my horse. I gently mounted and rode away, leaving the corpse of my former self to be devoured by the coming storm.

Romans 6:11

So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus”


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